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What’s the latest buzzword? Yes! Metaverse is becoming “the” platform for designers too.

We mentioned some merging #creativetrends in 2022 last week, and we said we would talk about each one of them in consecutive posts and here comes the first one; #metaverse.

What is this “metaverse” phrase?

Metaverse means combining 2 different words; #meta and the #universe. It’s basically a #digital space, in which digital objects represent #digitalpeople and interact with each other #virtually. It’s basically another reality that only exists on the #internet and because it’s beyond the #physicalworld, there are absolutely no limits to what the human brain can create.

#digitalcreators would benefit from being on the metaverse regardless if they are #photographers, #musicians, #contentcreators or #artists. They can build #digitalcommunities and find other people, who share the same interest and can interact with them without any #boundaries. Also, it’s an opportunity for them to exchange their digital creation in the form of #nfts through #blockchain based #decentralized #applications.

Overall, it’s a platform for all artists to show what they can do, what they can create, show people how they express themselves and we’re love talking about it and also would love to #experience it.

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