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How do You Make These Social Media Algorithms Work for Your Business?

Algorithms…They’re every marketer's nightmare because of the constant changes that are absolutely a burden to keep up with. They’re basically referred to as the “great unknown” :)

As a social media manager or a digital marketer, you need to be up to date with all algorithm changes or you will find yourself struggling to try to create social media strategy. Algorithms are helpful because they help people interact with similar content that they want to interact with. Let’s define what social media algorithms are. They’re ways of sorting out posts in users’ feeds according to what they’ve interacted with before.

So, why are social media platforms dependent on algorithms?

Without these algorithms, sorting out all content according to each account would be impossible, especially for accounts, which follow thousands of accounts on a single network. Algorithms help with eliminating content that is irrelevant or low quality on a platform.

Let’s focus on our main point on how these algorithms work…

Each social media platform has a different algorithm, but they’re simply all based on machine learning and data science along with some factors that we call ‘ranking signals’. These ranking signals are individualized because they’re mostly based on previous content that you’ve interacted with on the app or platforms.

Sometimes, platforms are pretty transparent on what kind of content will help brands rank higher, but it’s hard to understand until we apply all the rules and see the results.

A great example of this transparency comes from Facebook. The company openly explained all the rules for brands/accounts to rank higher or appear more on search. Publishing more native video content, prioritizing meaningful conversations, and creating quality engagement will help with algorithm rules.

To conclude, networks or platforms are mostly vague about the algorithm specifics, but you should always keep in mind that experimenting with each platform and seeing how users interact with your content is the key to understanding how the algorithm works exactly. It can take time and patience, but will certainly bring beneficial results.

Have you guys figured out how each social media platform’s algorithm works?


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