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Top 4 Interactive Web Design Trends in 2023

With all the digital advancements that the tech world embraced in 2023 including AI, VR, and the metaverse, people are able to create their own art pieces and other digital visuals.

Along with these changes, web design trends also improved with simulation, immersion, and cinematic techniques. Design elements and website features once considered modern can get old and boring and that’s why these new techniques are on the rise.

The newest web design trends are more responsive to both the global and local needs of visitors as aesthetic innovation becomes more advanced as well.

That said, let’s talk about the top 4 interactive web design trends that we will be seeing this year.

1. Parallax zoom scrolling trend is on the rise:

This is an animation technique, in which the foreground elements are faster than the background ones, thus creating a feeling of depth. This trend has been around for a while now, but we will be seeing this trend more often in 2023.

Basically, parallax scroll has your website visitors move inward and outward from the horizon line which creates a 3D movement. It mirrors the zoom effects on the apps like TikTok. It’s also tied to overstimulation trends.

2. Aesthetic of a scrapbook look: With futurism advancing, there comes a reclaim of the natural world. This year, this trend surfaces with scrapbook effects and DIY elements on websites.

These websites usually have doodle drawings, handwritten notes, sticker graphics, and unique collage images. Especially these handwritten lettering and other ‘feeling like home’ elements create an experience of old-school feeling and a sense of intimacy. These designs combine the feelings of hi-tech trends and also the simplicity of old-school designs.

3. Typography Layouts: Digital design has many advantages, but the most common advantage is the capacity for multimedia that combines images, texts, and interactive elements. In 2023, we will be seeing lots of multimedia that support textual layouts.

Website designers want to catch the aesthetic of a print magazine, but on digital to avoid rising printing costs and at least to play a role in saving the environment. Typographic layouts support minimalism to save visitors valuable time and also present them with impactful words and creative texts and arrangements, which creates engagement.

4. Product reveals are animated: Micro-interactions are pretty useful to keep the visitors engaged, but this year web designers are shooting for more eye-catching hover animations that create more out-of-the-box product reveals.

With this trend, web designers aim for different goals. First, it supports speed browsing without having to click on another page. Next, it turns into a teaser when the product is animated in a minimal interface keeping the page free of too many images. Lastly, with animating the product photos, a new foreground dimension is added to the site on top of the existing design.

Just like any other profession, web design can also be a complicated place. The common need for all users is to experience a simple, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly design, but with a design that they love to look at while scrolling through. With these new trends, visitors will look at aesthetically pleasing designs, while searching for what they’re looking for.

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