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What is Instagram Going to be like in 2023?

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms for the past few years with more than 1 billion active users. People, especially the younger generation tend to use it because of its exciting filters, user-friendly interface, its influential hashtag usage, cross-platform post option, and more. Very recently though, it’s been in a short video competition with Tiktok and Instagram trying to ‘copy’ Tiktok, making the brand look ‘uncreative’. Therefore, we can say that Instagram has been in confusion trying to keep up with all the competition regarding users’ preferences and behavior trends, and habits. According to Instagram’s latest reports, apparently, its copying the competition behavior is paying off with gaining 1 billion active users monthly, which brings the company to 2 billion active users a month.

Honestly, our opinion here is that only copying other strong or more popular players in the market will get the company somewhere, but not very far. People will enjoy it at the beginning, but at the end of the day, if they need to make a decision, they will choose the original because the ‘replica’ cannot come up with something that’s intriguing enough for them to interact with the platform.

Let’s look into the predictions in more detail…

Instagram has been leaning toward AI-generated content recommendations just like Facebook has to engage users at a more focused level. This unfortunately creates a mess of old and new posts in users’ feeds in addition to information regarding pages that you haven’t seen or followed before. A simple solution to this is for Instagram to integrate itself better with more creators to have them post more often. On the other hand, Meta can leverage this engagement to have these users create content in the metaverse. Instagram might plan on adding new forms of content creation in 2023 maybe including posts in 3D format, integrating NFT art, and maybe other options for the app. Again, all these new creator-friendly content forms will be used to leverage creating in the metaverse. Meta is sure that if it gets users' interest in the virtual reality world, it will need to come up with more intriguing content to keep users engaged. Well, Meta is not the first to experiment with interactive ads and artificial intelligence, but by promoting these types of ads, Meta wants to take things to the next level in the advertising world. It’ll help the brand with creating more 3D models in the metaverse. All in all, new AR formats, some advanced scanning tools, and ingestion processes are on the way on Instagram to help more brands live this experience.

Instagram has already been moving forward with live shopping, but in the very near future, they might be pushing it a bit further by opening up a full-screen feed for live shopping content. This might become a big attraction, which will help Instagram earn big money and boost its in-stream commerce. #instagram #socialmedia #socialmediaplatform #instagram2023 #meta #metaverse #augmentedreality #videocontent #digitalworld #instagram2023predictions #digitalmarketingagency #interactiveads #creativeagency #socialmedia2023 #pinkocreative #pinkostudiotr

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