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We Love Organic, but We Can’t Ignore Paid Search’s Evolving Trends

Organic search and traffic is one of digital marketing’s main pillars, but when it’s combined with the right paid search strategy, it can create fireworks for your business’ growth. Even though we’re huge fans of organic growth, we can’t foresee the fact that paid search is also constantly evolving and that we should be keeping an eye out on the changing trends. There a total of four major trends, but we will be discussing them in 2 separate posts. Here come the first 2 of those paid search trends

Top 2 Paid Search Evolving Trends to Look out for;

1. Changes to responsive search ads as Google focuses on automation Since the end of June, responsive search ads (RSAs) are the only ad type that can be created or edited within standard search campaigns. Unfortunately, expanded text ads (ETAs) will no longer be an option for marketers. The major benefits are unavoidable for RSAs; a. increased engagement from customers due to improved click-through rates and b. lower costs due to improved ad copy.

2. The start of keywordless world: Performance Max Performance Max uses your company’s creative assets alongside business goals and automated bidding, rather than using the usual keyword-based search campaign. Performance max also makes use of user signals and data-driven attribution to tailor ads to potential customers across the Google ecosystem. It would be a good idea to create new campaigns and pause any relevant activity and start working with new additional creative assets.

While you’re waiting to hear the rest of those trends, do you have any guesses that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below :)

We will be discussing the other two on our weekend post.

Stay tuned guys.


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