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We Love New Technology - Let’s Talk 2022 Trends to Look Out For

Technology is ever-evolving and some of those innovations that we see today are things that most of us wouldn’t even imagine as ideas. Since the pandemic in 2020, things have shifted to virtual and people are having a hard time even trying to go hybrid in most of the major areas of their lives.

Since we mentioned going virtual, let’s start with the first trend that we believe is major. Virtual Reality (VR): VR and AR(augmented reality) have been known and in use for quite a while now. What VR does is bring the user into a new environment of their choice, while AR helps enhance the user’s already existing environment. These technologies have been mostly used in the gaming industry and through some social media filters along with some simulation software.

Right before the pandemic, about 14M AR and VR devices are sold and through the pandemic, this number at least doubled since the number of gamers increased during the stay-at-home times. The global market for this trending technology is nearly about 200M USD today.

By 2023, these technologies are expected to integrate into our everyday lives at a deeper level. Industries such as entertainment, training, education, manufacturing, marketing, and rehabilitation can benefit from using these technologies.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning: AI has been one of the well-recognized trends in 2022 and this technology is most popularly used in image and speech recognition, virtual voice assistants, and navigation programs. Businesses are interested in AI and ML to collect and analyze customer and business interactions. With these technologies, companies can make forecasts and predict demands for services in the health industry including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. At last, these predictions will help them improve the resource allocation and the quality of the projects. Machine learning is a part of AI and uses supervised learning to create new functions. It’s definitely an attractive and improving trend to watch as it created a high demand for skilled professionals. It’s expected that by 2025, 9% of new jobs will be based on ML skills, especially in the US.

Internet of Things (IoT): Multiple devices and things are all wi-fi enabled, meaning they can be connected to the internet, where there is a possible network connection. In 2022, the number of connected devices are around 30 billion worldwide. Today, we’re using a lot of IoT applications in our everyday lives from tracking our activities through smart devices, to remotely monitoring home doors or turning the applications on and off. On the other hand, businesses also make use of IoT in areas such as remote location activity monitoring from a central location and stepping in when necessary if a device stops working. That means, people can remotely fix the malfunction from a remote location through IoT. By 2030, it’s predicted that more than 50 billion devices will be connected via the IoT network. Global spending will be more than tripled equaling 1.1 trillion USD by 2025. IoT is of course evolving just like any other technology, but is still considered in the initial stages, but is expected to rapid growth within the next couple of years. IoT is definitely the most comprehensive trend out of all because it combines AI and ML knowledge as well as information security and data analytics skills. There are so many other trends that are very popular such as quantum computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, and more, but we thought these were the major ones that have been trending the most throughout 2022. Each year, these technologies are becoming more comprehensive and advanced as well as bringing along others according to changing people’s demands and needs. The most critical thing for businesses in this case is to adapt to these advancing technologies rather than staying manual because technological advancement is the way to succeed. #technology #techtrends #technologicaltrends #internetofthing #artificialintelligence #virtualreality #machinelearning #augmentedreality #bigtech #techcompanies #networking #pinkocreative #digitalmarketing #creativemarketing

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