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We can’t Stop Talking About SEO and Content Marketing…They’re Major!

There are different inbound lead generation tactics out there, but none of them quite work like SEO and content marketing. They’re considered major pillars of a complete 360 digital marketing strategy. A well written and organized content attract interested leads, which will have a high percentage of converting and turning into a recurring revenue stream. Let’s dive into more details for each technique.

Search Engine Optimization Interested prospects like to search for queries online so as a business you need to optimize your online presence; website, blog, social media platforms, etc. according to the common search terms that your potential clients are searching for. If people can solve their problems through your content or if they find it helpful to address their problems, they’re more likely to assess your products and services, thus purchase them at the end of the day.

Content Marketing

High quality content creation is one of the most recommended and result guaranteed tactics out there. Like we mentioned above, creating content that addresses your potential clients wants, needs and queries will lure them in to take a look at what you offer, build brand awareness and recognition. Offering them free content to read or to collect their information in return is a great way to keep them in the loop for future marketing activities. Content marketing is a long-term strategy and if it’s a quality and exact problem solving one, it’s guaranteed to bring you revenue within 6 months.

That said, as @pinkocreative, we love content and we love digital. If you’re unsure of where to start, you’re at the right address. We will be more than happy to guide you with the right content for the right target audience.

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