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Video marketing Series - Vol 2 - Let’s Promote What We Created

You planned out the video content topics. Then you worked on the creation process and now you’re moving onto the fun part :)

Promoting what you have created is the ultimate way of moving towards seeing your successful results. You might or might not receive the numerical results that you wish, but any result is successful because it actually provides you the insights you need to reach a higher number of engagement.

Check out these quick suggestions to see if they would work for you.

-Try to rank on @youtube and/or @Google. As long as your video is ranking, people will be watching it, therefore provide your with lots of views that grows overtime.

-Try and embed your videos on your blog or landing pages. This way, you might get to earn a spot on the “videos” part on Google’s search bar. The more places you embed your videos, the more organic views you will get from interested potential customers.

-Make sure you share all your videos with your #targetaudience, every time you publish one. Share it on your social channels and other platforms with some relevant hashtags, so it will reach out to a bigger audience and get you some referrals.

-Because creating videos are definitely not easy and because you put so much effort into them, don’t just publish them once and let them sit there. You can always repurpose them just like any other content. You can always turn it into a blog or a social media post and make quick series of small content pieces out of them.

-Run some ads on your published videos. If you have the budget, definitely go for it because it gets your content to be viewed a lot quicker than organic reach

Let us know what you think about our quick tips on Vol 2 :) We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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