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Video Marketing Always Wins!...But What Type of Videos Get the Attention?

Video creation ideas are endless and there are so many video types that content creators would be happy to work with.

If you’re focusing on promoting your product, product demo videos are the most ideal ones, but you have create them in either a very appealing or a simpler way. Not all products are super interesting or easy to understand to a bigger audience. Then comes the how-to videos or tutorials. We all love a good old tutorial video. These appeal to a larger audience, so you would have a great chance of grabbing potential customers.

Customer satisfaction/case study videos are perfect if you want to build more brand awareness and recognition. People get bored of reading nowadays, so they would rather watch your customers’ feedback videos than reading a 5 page case study. Lastly, and which we love the most is the “event videos”. There are some major events for every industry each year that companies are so eager to attend, but not all of them can make it. Instead, with these videos, they’re able to capture the key points, key people to reach out to and learn what they were looking for. On the other hand, if a company is looking to attend to a certain event, but not sure if they would like it or not, they can watch the previews and make their decision.

There are many more types of videos, but for us here at @pinkocreative, these are what we think is the most useful. What types of videos do you use for your #brand? Let us know

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