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Trying to Keep your Social Media Content Organized? Create a Calendar!

Creating high quality content is hard because you have to have knowledge, enough research and need to appeal to your audience’s wants and needs. But, what’s also hard is to keep this content organized for various platforms with visuals and the right timing.

So, creating a content calendar is a must for organization, efficiency and success. If you’re not sure how to do it, as @pinkocreative, we’re happy to guide you for creating one.

A social media content calendar defines the posts that you want to publish on each channel. It’s absolutely needed to create campaigns, plan content, and have a consistent publishing schedule. Let’s start with mapping out everything that fits into your sales funnel put out all your content on a shared calendar. You can always use google sheets and collaborate with your team simultaneously, and decide regarding the content and campaigns you plan to publish, even linking to external assets. It would be even easier for you to distinguish between the content types if you color code your calendar accordingly with the days, times and funnel stages. Once you’re done with all these stages, here comes the scheduling stage. Before you start scheduling your content, let’s find the right time to post on each platform because they all have their own set of analytics to help you pinpoint the optimal time.

When you plan out all stages including the scheduling, you can always use tools social media marketing automation tools to preview and edit your content before publishing.

These tools also help you collaborate quickly as a team, and always give you the opportunity to fine tune your content before publishing. All in all guys, creating a #contentcalendar is a must to stay organized and consistent, which leads you to success at the end of the day.

Happy weekend :)


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