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Top Social Media Platforms to Use in 2023

Social media platforms have been evolving constantly just like every other digital medium and people shifted their ‘searching’ behavior to social media platforms rather than using search engines.

There are always new platforms to discover just in case people get bored of the current ones, or if there were some misconceptions regarding the use of terms or preferences such as Twitter.

I researched some of the top platforms that are going to be trending in 2023 for you to read on and maybe consider giving a try.

1. Tiktok:

I think everyone saw this one coming :) TikTok has made a huge and fast-growing impact within a few years, but the possibilities are limitless.

Let’s start with the description; TikTok lets its users create and share short videos. Just like Instagram stories, users can also add filters and music for special effects.

TikTok has these niche audiences and communities and those short videos on the platform are super funny, and sometimes can be ridiculous even. Short clip videos can be remixes of other videos from TikTok itself or YouTube referring to sub-cultures of the internet. When it comes to the user base, we see that Genz is the biggest contributor and also the watcher of those short videos. The platform’s user base has grown rapidly and its popularity is also on the rise. TikTok has been evolving by adding new features such as TikTok Live and TikTok Shopping Ads.

2. Discord:

Discord has been around since 2015, but its popularity just hit the top spot. It’s a voice and text chat app generally popular for gamers globally. As of now, it’s attracting tech-related brands and digital creators because it’s easy to use with a user-friendly interface and you can link multiple devices at once.

Discord also features channels such as Whatsapp, and it’s widely used globally so it provides the platform a huge advantage.

The platform is usually popular among blockchain fans because it’s an easy way for brands looking to get more into web3 to create their own independent communities. Discord is one of the best platforms to create and manage your own community.

3. BeReal:

It’s an interesting newbie in the social media industry. It’s for people, who want to share at the moment photos and experiences. It’s only been around since 2019, and France originated. It’s an interesting platform that sends you daily notifications randomly asking you to take photos. You’re given a certain time period to take a photo both with front and back cameras to see what you’re doing at that specific moment.

It can be a great mediator to connect with other people around the world. TikTok has definitely taken advantage of this newbie by launching a feature called TikTok Now. If TikTok has connected itself with BeReal, then we can say, there is a big growth potential for sure.

BeReal has a dedicated team member to put a face on your brand each week. For example, you can show your team in action for the conferences that you’re attending along with creating some behind-the-scenes content.

Who knows? Maybe it’s the perfect opportunity for your brand to be a part of BeReal and catch up with the opportunities.

Overall, it’s always good to be willing to try new platforms and see what kind of opportunities you can create from each platform and use it to your business's advantage. In any case, though, working with a professional agency like Pinko Creative can help you stay on top of all the changes in the social media industry and which platform will be advantageous for your business.


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