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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 - Mobile Accessibility

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, more people are becoming mobile each day. Today, more than 50% of global internet traffic comes from people using smartphones. This percentage increases nearly up to 65% when it comes to people searching for products and services, so it only makes sense for companies to target mobile users more than anything.

Just like other services, marketers have been targeting people on mobile for their #emailmarketing campaigns because over 75% of people prefer to open their emails through #mobiledevices. Since the pandemic, people have become more mobile and they don’t want to go back to checking their emails on a desktop browser. They’re so used to seeing and reading well-crafted and mobile-friendly formatted designs now so, they tend to ignore only desktop-friendly content and poorly crafted emails.

Mobile email marketing is one of the most preferred ways to get subscribers and bring in potential leads as everyone owns an email address. Because there are emailing services available out there, which can deliver a high number of emails in one click, that just makes it more effective and efficient for companies to evoke attention.

A #mobileemailmarketing campaign will surely work because it offers people what they want to see the most, which is personalization. A personalized email with catchy subject lines, sharp content and a highly converted #CTA can bring in many quality leads that will turn into recurring customers in the long run through a successful #customerjourney.

The email body needs to be sharp and to the point, because no one wants to read long and pointless emails that beat around the bush. Just make sure to write smart, not use ridiculously articulated words to look smart :).

As a #creativeagency and a #digitalmarketingagency, @pinkocreative is here to craft the perfect email campaigns for your business. We have been doing these for years and believe me, writing quality email copies take a lot of time and effort and as a business owner, you have no time to waste.

Make sure to write smart copies and design them to appear perfectly on mobile devices both in light and dark mode.


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