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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 - Embedding User-Generated Content in Emails

Marketers and advertisers are always asked to shine the best light on the business or the brand’s products and services, but in the process of pushing out the positive details, marketers tend to forget the negatives that might impact the consumers’ buying decisions. This is exactly where #usergeneratedcontent comes into play.

People trust consumers more than brands and their own marketing teams. With the technology evolving, UGC has become the digital form of ‘word-of-mouth marketing. Especially with huge social media networking opportunities, user-generated content has an opportunity to reach more people in a short amount of time.

A UGC is a type of content that is related to your brand, which is created by somebody, who is not an official ambassador of your brand. It can be in form of a #socialmedia update, a product review, a video, a podcast, or anything that is affiliated with your brand. People love to read product reviews before they make any purchases, so your product reviews would be the best way of user-generated content.

You can use them on your email marketing initiatives, website, social media, or anywhere that’s publicly available for your potential customers to see. You can use UGC to build trust with your cold prospects or offer additional information regarding your product value. Lastly, you can turn your current customers into strong ambassadors of your brand. Additionally, UGC is a major way to promote #omnichannelmarketing by pushing recipients of your emails to check your #socialmediacontent.

That said, in your email marketing initiatives, you can use branded images, which you’re trying to win customers’ trust and build loyalty by giving them the feeling of belonging. When you see satisfied customer photos, make sure to include them in your relevant #emailmarketing campaigns. Also, when including testimonials or reviews in your emails, make sure to choose the ones that your product or service would solve the recipient’s problem and/or add value to her life.

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