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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 - Consumer Privacy is in Focus

With technology evolving, privacy concerns have been arising and consumers tend to be very picky about which companies they give consent to and which they receive emails from. In addition, since digital privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA are launched, email marketing has become a little more complicated and all businesses need to comply with these rules.

As a business, if you’re planning on starting an email campaign, make sure you know all the details that apply to your company regarding these laws because, in case of failure, you would have significant penalties that would also damage your brand reputation.

Let’s define data privacy laws, to begin with. They’re defined as global legislation to protect individual users’ rights to a standard of data privacy and security. These laws are usually vast and expansive to virtually govern how businesses engage with consumers digitally and it includes email marketing.

While email marketing might not seem to be as intrusive as tracking a user's activity on the web, data privacy rules still apply to this strategy. Companies simply can run email marketing campaigns, but they need to be very careful about the ‘user content’ intent before doing so.

It’s important to understand the rules around collecting user contact information and when you are legally able to send any emails to those addresses. Email marketing is definitely a safer alternative to cookies, as long as the digital data privacy laws are applied correctly, and individuals are not targeted aggressively especially if they don’t show any interest.

All in all, if you collect user information properly, only collect the information you intend to use, be transparent about data collection and if you don’t share or sell user data, you’re doing your email marketing right and it would for sure bring you some quality leads to bringing in future revenue.

Have you guys researched GDPR and other digital privacy laws? Let us know what you’ve done so far in the comments as this is such an important matter.

Happy Saturday!

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