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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 - Being Interactive on Emails is a Catch

As e-mail marketing evolves as a marketing channel, consumers want to experience more interactivity rather than reading some static and insincere content. Research shows interactive content click to open rate is nearly 75%, so all brands want to jump on this bandwagon to capture as many potential leads as possible.

Do we know the exact description of an interactive content? It’s anything that requires readers to participate and engage with the content to understand the experience entirely. They can either tap, swipe, etc. to get to the next step, therefore increasing the onpage dwell time.

Regardless of the interest in reading, consumers just want to enjoy the content that they’re interested in. Their ultimate goal is to have fun while getting the information they need from their favorite brands. Since 70% of people are more visual learners, it’s a great way to interact with them through embedding visual interactive content in the emails. Interactivity required your readers or viewers to act accordingly to understand the full message, which makes them a part of your marketing, hence boosts engagement and brand loyalty. Interactive content can be embedded into the emails in a few ways. They can be seen as UCG and improve the engagement with types of scrollable and clickable content by staying within the same browser. While crafting an email campaign, companies can embed -Surveys, polls or quizzes to gather and understand consumer insights. -User generated content to establish brand reliability such as testimonials, and reviews. -Animated CTAs to catch people’s attention to check the landing page -Slideshows and carousels of curated products -Countdown timers to create excitement and keep people informed for an upcoming event

At the end of the day, brands want to encourage readers or viewers to engage and interact with the emails more than just skimming through them. Adding interactive content will certainly boost brand engagement, fun and brand loyalty at the same time.

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