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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 * Artificial intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence has been effective in nearly every industry mixed with #automation and especially in the area of #personalization. Most recently, it even took part in the #digitalart industry and even brought the artist an award, which caused a lot of noise so we’re not surprised that it’s getting used for personalizing emails.

Business intelligence (BI) tools are an important part of email marketing because of many data points brands need to analyze their customers’ interactions. Companies can have the largest consumer or lead #data, but unless they know how to interpret them, it’s not going to give them the gold medal. The best bet here is to invest in some #AI and automation tools that turn those data into actionable insights to build better analytics, understand customer trends and thus make some user action forecasting.

AI makes email marketing better in two major ways:

1. Companies can increase their revenues by using AI-powered tools to send out higher quality emails, which will increase open and click rates to bring you more interested leads. These leads will then turn into paying customers, increasing the recurring revenue.

2. This is probably by far every company’s favorite phrase; ‘reduce costs'. AI helps businesses decrease costs by helping people create easier, better, and faster campaigns, which will eliminate the extra time and effort spent on a single campaign.

AI can definitely help businesses improve their #emailmarketing strategies. People can draft and optimize email campaign drafts and subject lines. Furthermore, these campaign draft copies can certainly be personalized accordingly for each individual that is being sent. In addition, AI will help optimize the sending times and dates of the email campaigns filtering all the contacts accordingly. Businesses may also follow the delivery data to analyze the number of outreach.

To conclude, here at @pinkocreative, we’re all about being efficient and effective, thus investing in AI technologies is always welcomed on our end :)

Have you guys been using any AI tools for your email marketing?


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