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Top 7 Email Marketing Trends of 2022 *Advanced Email Personalization that is Beyond the Name

Let us tell you, emails are still effective if you strategize at the right time for the right audience using the right words.

All of us signed up for a newsletter or an email marketing campaign at some point in our lives and we get bombarded with so many emails from different brands, which are probably pretty irrelevant to us. This only makes us want to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button and never want to hear from those brands again. The only way brands can stand out and succeed in generating quality and interested leads are through relevant and customized email copies, which are actually designed according to the specific customers’ wants and needs.

Personalization is such a wide topic and it goes way beyond the lines of ‘dear subscriber’ and ‘I hope this mail finds you well". These are pretty generic lines that none of us want to read from a company, which we’re interested in getting to know more about. This is why we believe that #hyperpersonalization is the key to moving forward. Let’s define the term before we dive deeper.

Hyper personalization uses #artificial intelligence and #realtimedata to deliver relevant content, service, or product information, which are tailored to each specific user’s wants. More than 80% of marketing professionals testify about the #effectiveness of the hyper-personalization strategy and more than 25% believe that the change in #roi was significant.

Consumers are definitely not annoyed with getting personalized emails, they actually love to open and click thru the content. If you’re targeting B2B companies, funnel your most qualified customer base then research their pain points and needs. At last, personalize the email content that will serve their questions with a #calltoaction at the end to have them reach out to you. This way, you will generate quality leads that will likely turn into sales along with increasing #brandawareness.

If you want to know more about building your #emailmarketing strategy, feel free to reach out to @pinkocreative so we can start guiding you :)


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