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Top 7 Communities for Photographers in 2022 - Part 1

Since Instagram and Tiktok’s increased popularity, well Tiktok more nowadays, people seem to not value real photography anymore. We’re always huge believers and supporters of high qualitative photography, which has more depth rather than some digital content created just to get likes and followers.

There are still communities that are very interested in and value real photography and we wanted to put together a quick list for your references.

1. VSCO: A Nice Place for Photographers Who Hate Comments

It’s a company that focuses on creating tools for photographers in the form of presets primarily. The main value here is in the form of having a lot of different presets to work with, but there’s also the cool thing of using VSCO Spaces for networking with other creatives, which is another valuable part of today’s business world. Talking with producers brings lots of opportunities to possibly get gigs in the future.

2. Behance: Adobe’s Gift to All Photographers

The main advantage of Behance is that it ties into Adobe’s other products like Adobe Stock and more. It’s Adobe’s attempt at a social media space for creators and photographers because Adobe always values artists. The cool thing is that your images can integrate into Adobe Stock, so it’s basically one of the main ways to get sales and to be found by publications for feature interviews. Journalists love to work with photographers to ensure that they are put in the best light possible. That, and the SEO benefits of having a publication link to your work help a whole bunch.

3. Flipboard: Goes Deep Into Your Photography Passion

The fascinating thing about Flipboard is that it’s primarily a place for publications. But they’ve also been trying to become more of a space for photographers, who are visual creators. The value here is more for passionate photographers than for professionals, so it doesn’t matter if you’re just into creating visuals for fun. You’re more than welcome to head to Flipboard if you’re simply a hobbyist.

We love all content creators :) Stay tuned for more.


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