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Top 6 Ways to Repurpose Content - Part 2

Here comes the second part of content repurposing ideas. Again, the main idea is to keep current and potential customers engaged through refreshed and updated information and have them benefit from your products or services.

1. Use testimonials for social media content

Testimonials are a great way to have potential customers trust the brand and it’s literally WOM marketing’s online version. You should add your testimonials in visible places such as your social media, website, or other channels that will bring more potential and turn your brand into a credible and trusted one in the market. Keeping reviews or testimonials in the spotlight is a wonderful way to strengthen your customer relationships.

2. Turn internal data into case studies

As a business, you should always collect data for analysis such as social media metrics, collect SEO data, or traffic performance. You can then turn these numbers into a case study including visual charts, graphs, or even infographics. Case studies are one of the most trusted ways for potential customers to turn to your brand because they include numbers and facts so it makes it easier for them to make a purchasing decision regarding your products or services. You may also distribute this case study as a blog post, or video content for a conversation starter or you may even use it to collect personal contact information.

3. Offer guest contributions for topics you've already covered.

You can always reach out to other industry experts or even competitors for an interview or a guest blog to state their ideas on a certain topic. You can then submit them as a blog post or even a YT video content like a podcast. This tactic also helps build business relationships in your industry, especially for future opportunities and partnerships. You can always benefit from the exposure to bring the audience in.

That concludes the top 6 ways how we think you can repurpose your content.

Let us hear your ideas guys!


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