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Top 6 Ways to Repurpose Content - Part 1

When repurposing content you should consider your metrics to begin with. Analyze which type of content worked best and on what channels were the most performed mediums for that specific content type. Then think about the ways how you can deliver a fresh experience through the previously well-performed content for people to benefit.

Here are the top 3 ways to repurpose your existing content;

1. Use blog content for video content

Your blog posts already have a lot of valuable information and insight so it would be a great idea to turn that information into a well-scripted video content. If you have a youtube channel and a YT video content strategy, making videos out of blog posts would fit right in. Later, you can even embed these videos into the blog posts on your website to bring in more traffic.

2. Use statistics for social media content

Using statistics on your social media (could be industry and platform-specific) make you look more credible, and serious about what you’re doing and that you rely on data when making decisions. You can always turn your data into visual graphs or charts and either make a video out of it or directly make a social media post that shows your specific research about your market or industry.

3. Update old blog posts with new information

Updating your blog posts with current or new information is a great idea as it’s very time and effort efficient. All your content is very valuable for your brand so it should not be lost or stay in the past. Instead of writing a whole new post, you can always tweak it and have it publish-ready in minutes. The main goal here is to always stay refreshed.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow guys!

Let us know about the tactics for how you repurpose your content! We’re intrigued to hear from you.


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