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Top 6 Creative Design Trends in 2022 - Simplifying Logos

Everything is already so complicated in today’s world and brands seem to find a solution by simplifying and keeping all details in minimal form. Some brands have always been fans of minimal design, but lately even the most complex designed logos started to fade and give in to the simplicity trend. Brands are stripping down their logos and designs, whether to appeal to a wider and different audience or to look more approachable these days and we can consider this a new strategy or a way of resetting their appeal on people’s minds. Companies are embracing the ‘simple is more memorable’ mindset and turning their logos into more flatter and flexible shapes, especially for digital uses. In 2022, we have seen some corporates taking a step towards this trend and changing their logotypes and shapes. For example, Google, Yahoo, and Spotify were the pioneers of this year ago, but then Volvo and ABC caught up and turn their logos into flatter and simpler designs. Moreover, graphic design is expected to continue to be more simplified, minimized, and sophisticated in the upcoming years. It’s a known fact that words have a strong power for expressions, but symbols are also effective ways to carry out your brand’s message. A minimalistic designed logo with effective colors brings a unique personality to a brand and communicates a meaningful message to the target audience with a memorable visual. To conclude, we’re expecting to see more experimental coloration with minimal symbols in branding. As a 360 #marketingagency, @pinkocreative is here to build your brand or reset your #logodesign to appeal to your audience’s perceptions :) Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can guide you.


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