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Top 6 Creative Design Trends in 2022 Non Fungible Tokens - Say yes to NFTs

NFTs - crypto art - have been getting a lot of attention for the past few years and people have been spending nearly millions on those memes. They’re clearly becoming one of the top design trends thus far.

Let’s look into what they are and how they work. NFTs are described as unique digital files, well artworks that are published directly onto a blockchain. They are unique and very cool in a way that only one person can own that specific piece and they can also provide origin proof so purchasers don’t have to question the originality or see if there are any replicas. This brings a huge advantage for artists and designers to sell their work without being stolen or copied without permission.

NFTs have the potential for several use cases. A good example would be that they can be ideal for digitally representing physical assets like real estate and artwork.

Because they are based on blockchains, non-fungible tokens can also work to connect artists with audiences directly. NFTs can also remove intermediaries, simplify transactions, and create new markets for new audiences. We can say that much of the current NFT market is centered around collectibles like digital artwork and sports cards.

To conclude, not everyone is a fan of NFTs because they’re concerned about the environmental footprint and copyright issues, but it’s still expected to grow in the upcoming year.

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