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Top 6 Creative Design Trends in 2022 - 3D Illustration and Creatives

Graphic design, creative design, and design in general are all very influential industries. People tend to be attracted and intrigued by visuals, so giving the different styles, colors, techniques and trends can really make a difference in their perception of your brand.

These styles, colors and trends actually shape the visual world and affect everything from #digitalmarketing to #advertising and to #socialmedia designs, and more.

That said, let’s take a look at top trends that are shaping the design world around us one by one in detail.

The first trend that has been pretty popular in 2022 is 3D design. We can talk about 3 major ideas here; 3D illustrations and 3D typography.

3D illustration has been spreading and used by more artists and designers thanks to evolving technologies and design specific softwares. This design trend is about experimenting with different ideas, moving away from the usual flat vector illustrations and using styles that involve depth and dimension.

In today’s designs, we tend to see a lot of animations and dimensionally styled photos embedded within the 3D work to grab the audience’s attention. These 3D illustrations are great to keep potential buyers/visitors interested through designed websites, branding and new age social media visuals. 3D design is considered complex are and it actually has a lot common with photography. Besides the technical modeling skills, 3D illustration requires a place to place the objects. Just like photography, you need to think about the shooting angles, lighting, and the placement composition.

3D typography on the other hand is an important aspect of the 3D design trend and once applied to the design, it looks like the words are going to jump off the screen adding a cool and dynamic effect to your text or writing.

That said, here is some quick information about the first major trend in the creative design industry; 3D illustration.

Our dear designer fellows; have you been using 3D design techniques? Let us know in the comments below.

Cheers :)

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