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Top 6 Branding Trends of 2022 - Here comes the ‘cookieless future’, adapt your strategy

Cookieless future is ‘the emerging trend’ that everyone is talking about. Though it’s not happening until mid-2023, brands still need to have a solid plan to use first-party data without the cookies.

A cookieless brand strategy will be crucial to understand where you will lose useful data and how your brand’s personalized ad approach will be handled. Both first-party and third-party cookies work the same way, but slightly differently. They’re the collected data by the website and sent to the browser with users’ browsing history.

The major difference is the way they’re collected and what they’re used for.

First-party cookies are created by the website that the user is visiting and third-party cookies are created by a domain other than the same one the users are visiting for marketing and advertising purposes.

For brands to succeed in the cookieless world, they need to thoroughly understand their audience demographics, their customers’ needs, and potential customers’ wishes and desires to reach them out via the right channels.

Without the cookie data, companies always have the risk of their ads being irrelevant, so if they want to eliminate this risk, they need to basically have the right tools in the right place when building their campaigns. More importantly, they need to strengthen their relationships with their customers and their users to build more trust and have them engage with their products and services through the buyer’s journey.

To sum it up, it’s now the time to start establishing close and direct relationships with customers and potential audiences to know and understand them better so that you don’t have to rely on third-party data for traction.

Here at @pinkocreative, all our customers are like business partners and we love to build direct relationships with all of them to understand exactly what they need from us.

Let us guide you through building your first-hand relationships with your clients. If interested, dm us or email us or simply visit our website :)


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