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Top 6 Branding Trends of 2022 - Evoking emotion increases engagement and brand loyalty

Branding is about positioning your company within the right industry among your competitors with the right vision, mission, and values, but it’s also about building strong bonds with your customers to serve them with more relatable products and services.

Companies need to realize that the ability to understand and use emotional data in the right place will bring important competitive advantages. We see that beyond marketing, companies rarely think about their customers’ feelings and emotions and how these impact their connection to that specific brand. As a result, if the customers feel that ‘personal connection’ to a brand, then comes ‘customer royalty’. In today’s digitized world, where everything is automated, brands need to have the capability to personalize their interactions with their customers in more authentic ways that would catch their attention to rising above the competition.

When a potential customer first interacts with a brand, they consider rational elements to begin with such as price and promotions. However, emotional responses can be associated with everything that happens between the first interaction to the end. Emotionality inspires loyalty and we can prove that by hearing most of the long-term customers using words like love, happiness, and adoration, which is the same way that they talk about family and friends.

Today when consumers describe the kind of relationship they want to have with brands, it is more like a good old-fashioned friendship, so brands need to know the qualities of positive human relationships by listening and engaging with customers about their wants and needs.

At last, the customer journey isn’t about sales, but more about connecting and developing customer loyalty through personalization.

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