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Top 5 Social Media Management Tools in 2023...

It’s the era of social connectivity and businesses are focusing on social media strategies along with other digital channels to build their online presence and market their products and services.

While focusing on branching out on social media platforms, businesses need to be very specific in terms of ROI and their marketing budgets. They want to accomplish monitoring, listening, analyzing, and engaging with their target audiences all at once. This is only manageable through some social media management tools to be more time and resource-efficient.

Social media managers need to use these tools because they need to save their valuable time to stay up to date on marketing trends, build their brands, create and promote blog posts and collaborate with other teams to be more effective.

Also, marketing agencies make use of social media management tools a lot because they manage many different brands, so by automating some repetitive tasks, they increase their productivity and spare more time to deal with their clients.

That said, we looked into the most popular social media management tools that are still going to be used by many companies in 2023.

1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is one of the highly reputable social media management platforms since 2008. It has a pretty strong presence on blog posts and social media. The platform is well known for social media content organization, curation, and scheduling.

Hootsuite is highly appreciated for its marketing expertise and its educational Hootsuite academy that helps you learn social media marketing and also lets you get certified for certain social media marketing skills.

It’s well known for its full integration and a social listening future and it also is free for 30 days.

2. Sprout Social: Sprout Social has positioned itself as a scalable platform for large organizations specifically for post-scheduling, analytics, and team management.

It’s a very user-friendly platform that has all the basic features, but it also can add customized features if requested by the client. Digital agencies and mid-size businesses benefit from features such as post-approval to administering permission settings.

Last, but not least, it has a social inbox tool to engage and communicate with your target audience, in addition to a keyword search feature. 3. Buffer: Buffer is one of the well-known tools, especially for startups and small-size businesses. It’s pretty straightforward with features such as engagement, analytics, and post queues. Brands usually trust Buffer because it helps businesses bring in quality engagement along with meaningful results on their social media channels. The downside is the fact that you can’t upload lots of posts and recycle them, but it integrates from an RSS feed that lets you choose and publish content from blogs. 4. Sendible: Sendible is used mostly by digital agencies for an end-to-end CRM solution along with social media features. It has a smart queue feature that let social media managers recycle content. Businesses can use the social inbox and social listening tools to analyze keywords, and competitors in addition to mentions. It’s a very useful fact that Sendible’s CRM system lets users communicate with influencers in real time.

5. SocialPilot: SocialPilot is also preferred mostly by agencies and mid-size businesses, that are or looking to manage multiple accounts at once. This social media management tool is great for creating workflows with permission settings collab tools, and custom reporting services. It provides the basic social management features along with a social inbox feature to engage with the target audience and it also lets you do auto-posting.

Of course, there are more tools to consider, but again we picked the best five out of them all by research and personal experience. They almost all have the same features just geared towards different company sizes or brands with different needs.

Hope you enjoy reading it and let us know in the comments if there are others that you want to add to this list.


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