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Top 4 Tips to Shine Your Brand’s Social Media

There are billions of social media users globally with diverse interests, backgrounds wants, and needs. With technology evolving every day, we run across different platforms, or channels pretty often, which offer different benefits for your business recognition.

We agree that getting started with the most appropriate social media strategy for your business is hard, but with the right research, tools, and decisions, you’ll be able to attract and connect with the right audience that will, later on, turn into recurring revenue.

For starters, it’s vital for you to understand the difference between a personal social media profile and a business one. Your end goal here is to humanize and voice your brand with the most appropriate content that is aligned with your target audience’s needs and wants. Anything unrelated to what they’re searching for is going to have your audience steer away from your brand and move on with your competitors.

That said, we put together some recommendations that you can apply to turn your business into a social media superstar :)

1. Be present on the right social media platforms:

You need to do some research if you want to be present on the right social media platform to find out more details to understand exactly who your specific audience is and where they spend their time online. You can always choose different channels to target different audiences and that would be a different SMM approach. Once you build a strong strategy that creates results on a single platform, it’s easier to apply it to others and be more successful.

2. Try to diversify the type of content you choose:

You need to start by optimizing your profile to let your audience know about the products and services you offer. You can create one type of content and tweak it accordingly to the specific platform’s algorithm. They could be photos, text, carousels, videos, reels, and more. We know that it’s so hard to keep up with ever-changing algorithms, but as small businesses agility is the key to success in these cases.

3. Be creative and alluring with your content ideas:

First things first…research your competition. It’s not a necessity to find over-the-board ideas, but it’s always good to know what your competitors are creating and try to see what you can do similarly to capture your audience’s attention. It would definitely be a differentiator if you can tweak your competitor’s content ideas according to your brand’s vision or maybe create a completely different idea once in a while to truly put yourself on top of the competition.

4. Be consistent with your posting:

This is probably the most important point here guys, so read this one very carefully. If you want to bring in the max amount of interested visitors/users, you need to create and post content on a regular basis. You need to create a posting schedule at least for a week and post them to make sure they’re reaching out to the right audiences.

People love to be entertained and they surely rather watch and read stuff that interests them so focus on creating enough user-friendly content rather than worry about the posting time. Once your audience is interested, they would not miss a piece of content from your brand.

Also, consistency is the key to making the algorithms happy so create a bulk amount of content beforehand :)

There are more tips to sharpen your social media presence, but we thought these four were the most important ones and we hope these tips help you shine your social media accounts.

Organic growth is a process, so you need to be patient. We promise you will reap the fruits of your labor in the end :)

Interested in learning more on how to grow your sm presence or want @pinkocreate to help you, feel free to reach out to us on our website or on our social channels.

We’re always here to guide you through.


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