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Top 4 Mobile Marketing Trends in 2022 - Mobile Games as Marketing Tools

Here comes the last trend for the mobile marketing industry out of the top 4; mobile games being considered marketing tools. Interesting right?

4. Mobile games are gaining popularity as marketing tools

People are drifting away from traditional forms of advertising and moving toward “ads” that are more based on gaming or some sort of entertainment. Most of the research that is conducted suggested that there is a 12% increase in users, who are playing video games since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

A mobile product can be pretty versatile to help bring in traffic and increase sales if utilized properly. Mobile games and the gaming mindset obviously might not be suitable for every industry, but they can be adapted to most industries to gain users' attention, thus turning the shopping or visiting experience into a fun time.

One of the gaming examples comes from a very well-known player in the food industry. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) launched a free game inside its existing mobile app that used augmented reality (AR). Basically, the app let users search for virtual buckets of chicken located all over the United States, which made it so much fun and out of the box so people were intrigued. In addition, players could also win redeemable prizes in physical KFC locations just by participating in the built-in game.

All in all, mobile gaming is a great way to grab people’s attention and drive them to recognize your brand, and thus purchase from your brand, but of course, this is also a strategy and all dimensions should be considered thoroughly before adapting it for your brand.

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