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Top 4 Mobile Marketing Trends in 2022 - Metaverse&Mobile Marketing

One of today’s most used buzzwords is npd doubt the ‘metaverse’ and it’s slowly making its way into our daily lives.

Let’s talk about the growing interest for using the metaverse for mobile marketing.

The whole ‘metaverse’ concept was introduced to us when Meta, was announced and introduced to have people expect what to expect in future interactions with friends and brands, while exploring the possibilities of the metaverse. The entire idea is to sort of blend the virtual and physical worlds to have people experience a completely different idea. One can put a virtual reality headset and instead of going shopping at a physical store, they shop or do whatever they please in the virtual world so called the #metaverse.

The majority of researches suggest that the metaverse apps will hold more than $3 billion in consumer spending in 2022 so a great advice for brands would be to focus on these apps to expand their business beyond the physical world and the web. The metaverse concept or idea is quite new, but it’s spreading quickly, so as a business, it makes sense if you’re trying to be a part of these apps.

Metaverse can be considered a good indicator for growth, but a company’s growth should not be limited to only one concept or idea. Let’s take a look at China as an example. In China, lots of tech companies trademarked metaverse related terms and investors show interest in those companies moving their businesses to the virtual world, so if the investors see the potential, then the consumers would for sure interact with the brands both in the physical and virtual worlds.

So, what do you guys think of the metaverse and mobile marketing together? We love the idea of metaverse, it’s so interesting to see and follow the evolution.

If you want to read more on the metaverse, scroll through our instagram page at @pinkocreative.


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