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Top 4 Mobile Marketing Trends in 2022 Continues…

Dear marketers, Let’s all get excited about hearing more mobile marketing trends for 2022. Because each of these trends are so valuable to explain in a single blog post, we told you we would be talking about each of them in separate posts and here comes the second major #mobilemarketing trend.

2. Mobile is replacing direct mailing for local advertising As forecasted by one of the research and advisory services companies, local expenditures point out that mobile advertising spending will surpass the budget that is put towards direct mailing ads. Moreover, it is indicated that mobile advertising will be the most widely used medium to engage in terms of local advertising.

On the other hand though, direct mail local advertising takes the second spot. There is a difference between these two methods, but it’s not a drastics one as expected. We all know that an effective direct mailing campaign is 90% successful if done right, but it’s a proven fact that everyone is on their #smartphone or #smartdevice nowadays. Since people are always mobile, mobile advertising becomes more effective and efficient for companies in any case.

Combining mobile marketing and direct mail advertising is always a possibility and a good way to engage with both mobile marketers and direct mail fans that brings in more revenue. For example, a prospect customer may receive a postcard in the mail with a code on it that they can scan with their phones to see what additional content is included. You never know who will be engaging with your brand in different ways so, even though you’re heavily relying on mobile marketing and #mobileadvertising, don’t cut #directmailing out of your entire #marketing budget. This might be where the magic might be happening to make some extra conversions and revenue.

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