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Are You Digitally Holiday Season Ready? How to Strategize Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and we’re all loving it. First and foremost, merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you :) Stay blessed and let’s talk about some digital marketing and holiday season activities.

Before the digital era, consumers would go to brick-and-mortar or local physical stores to look for the best deals. Today, with the rise of technology, online shopping, and digital marketing, the main source of consumer engagement is brought to online channels, where there are vast amounts of competition. If you want to stay on top of your holiday season game, you need to strategize your digital marketing efforts accordingly, which will have you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s check out some of those strategies…

I believe that one of the most important strategies is to start getting ready ahead of time. It’s good to plan your holiday season during summer when sales and marketing activities are a bit slower to not stress over it at the last minute. You can focus on your preparations for your business and how you can increase traffic and thus revenue through digital marketing efforts. Another great way to keep all marketing activities organized is to create a marketing calendar.

As we mentioned above, planning and organizing all holiday season marketing activities is the key to success. By creating a comprehensive calendar, you’re getting ready ahead of time and thus not missing any opportunities for your business growth. With your calendar, you can put together all the important days such as national holidays, and prepare your digital marketing activities accordingly.

In addition to getting ready ahead of time and planning all digital marketing activities, you can always spare a budget for paid advertising across your social media platforms. You can promote a special event, holiday activity, or product. It’s always possible to customize your paid social media reach before publishing your advertising. Specifying the age, education, location, or other general interests of your target audience will certainly help you reach the right audience.

Moreover, it’s always good to try a new platform other than the ones that you’re already on. There are so many different platforms, social networks, and websites that are great for reviews to choose from and be present to build your brand awareness. Your current channels might be working great, but people like to explore new networks and platforms, so being on those other platforms can make a difference in terms of catching a new targeted audience. Cross-channel marketing is a widely used term that includes many channels such as mobile, email, social media, and SMS. It’s ideal to build your overall digital marketing strategy that covers all these channels and even more. Via using cross-channel marketing, you’re maximizing the reach of paid ads and other promotions to catch a larger audience’s attention. To conclude, just keep in mind that these are just a few strategies to put you ahead of the competition. Of course, there are more detailed and specific ones according to your industry, size, and area of your business. If you apply these strategies or tips early on before the holidays, you will definitely see your conversion rate increase and let your business grow in the long run. Define your target audience correctly so you can create the right type of content that appeals to your potential customers, which will result in bringing your brand the reach, customers, and loyalty that you’ve been aiming for.


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