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Top 3 Biggest Ecommerce Trends Revealed…

The E-commerce industry is always evolving just like every other one with today’s technological advancements. A certain percentage of people always preferred to purchase products online, but especially since the pandemic, online shopper numbers have increased drastically. Today, many brick-and-mortar stores additionally moved their businesses online to stay up to date with consumers’ wants and needs. This means more businesses are already invested in or plan on investing in technology and digital transformation to move forward with today’s brutal competition in the digital world.

We talked about digital marketing trends, social media trends, and design trends in our previous blog posts, so in this one, we want to talk about the top 3 e-commerce trends.

AI helps brands learn more about shoppers Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two topics that are talked about the most nowadays and they certainly help customers to have personalized, easy, and automated shopping experiences. With AI, shops can constantly collect customer data regarding shopping behavior, purchase history and preferences, and the way they spend their money. With that information - if interpreted correctly - brands can increase their revenue remarkably along with gaining customer loyalty.

Big data plays a role in creating personalized experiences You probably hear this term all over too and yes, this is one of the widely used keywords in the digital industry. Many consumers are more aware of the fact that websites are collecting their personal data and this can be risky at times. With big data, companies can make more appropriate purchase offers to know what exactly the shoppers like or want. The more the big data is collected, the closer the companies will get to the consumers knowing who is or isn’t interested in what kind of purchases.

Sustainability has become the new buzzword Consumers are more aware of the environment and the environmental issues that the world is facing today. Since they’re more conscious, businesses are also investing in sustainable solutions such as being eco-friendly, eliminating waste material, and using recycled products, which will impact their immediate surroundings and the entire world in the long run in a more positive way. Bonus: Businesses should always optimize their digital strategy for conversion. You can always bring people to your website or social media, but the real trick is to get them to convert. Businesses should improve their product pages and adapt to the multichannel selling experience.

That said, as @pinkocreative, we’re always here to guide you for your brand’s wants and needs in terms of digital marketing, design, and e-commerce.

Let us know if you’re interested.

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