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Top 10 Graphic Design Predictions in 2023 - Part II

Yesterday, we talked about the top 5 graphic design predictions of 2023, and today we will detail the second batch of 5. Before we move on with the rest of the predictions, let’s briefly remember what the first 5 of them were.

The First 5 of those graphic design predictions include; *Design tools revolution

*Human connection is key for brand building

*Retro futuristic designs

*The designs of the comforting past *Hyper reality supporting designs

Now that we are refreshed with the first batch, let’s move on to the second part of the graphic design predictions for 2023.

6. Gen Z Apps are Mirrored:

Younger generations and audiences do not relate to retro or nostalgia much. Designers are influenced mostly by TikTok and BeReal and these are the platforms that Gen Z is interested in, so brands will look for designs that resonate with how the audiences communicate on these platforms in 2023.

In this case, combining reels with designs, which are influenced by sonic branding can create multidimensional spaces to make more engaging designs and content.

7. Maximalism, but in Chaos Shifting from Gen Y to Gen Z created a hectic design difference for all industries because these two generations have completely different tastes. While Gen Y was all about minimalism, Gen Z is about chaotic maximalism on the contrary. We have seen brands shifting from minimal designs to combining a little bit of nostalgia with maximalism but in sort of turbulent ways. In 2023, it looks like this chaotic wave of maximalism will continue to serve Gen Z.

8. Sustainability will Even be More Inevitable: Sustainability has been in the public eye for a few years now and especially since the pandemic, it’s become inevitable. In 2023, it’s going to the trending even further with an urgency to create practical solutions than only emphasizing the “green environment concept”.

In the upcoming year, brands will be more considerate towards a physical brand experience as their overall branding strategy. They will be more interested in not only simply using recycled materials, but also making use of plastics and biodegradable products for the environment. Brands will be even more interested in organic and sustainable designs when creating identities and marketing strategies, which will place them among the top players for environment-conscious branding.

9. Keeping Calm in All Storms and Doing What’s Best: With all the global and economic stress that we’re in, the desire to be calm and peaceful to create what’s best in terms of design and content will be a priority in 2023. Brands will more likely to stabilize and keep their current bonding and loyalty with their customers, rather than trying to capture more potential buyers with engaging designs. It looks like effective designs with fewer costs and space will be preferred. Confident typography will be used together with real photography to be more efficient and honest.

10. Branding as a Whole: Branding has always been confusing for the public; even designers and marketers have a hard time trying to connect consumers' emotions with what the brand’s message is trying to convey. Design can help solve problems faster than any communication because people are visual and when they look at a design they can see the fundamental impact that it’s making on their life experiences. The key point in branding is combining the message with the design as a whole and propositioning the product in the most effective way in front of the public eye. Brand design is indestructible, indispensable, and forever in place for consumers.

With those said, here is the complete list of the 2023 graphic design predictions. We are always happy to get your feedback, so feel free to communicate your thoughts and ideas. We love to connect with our audience :)

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