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The Changing Role of the CIOs through Digital

The CIO roles are in demand and this role has been taking the spotlight in companies as our lives are getting digitized each day.

CIOs - Chief Information Officers - also referred to as ‘Digital Leaders’ are interpreted as changemakers now, who are overseeing the people, leading the technological and business process initiatives, and supporting the entire organization’s business goals.

Since the pandemic, the way people live and work has taken a 180-degree shift, and businesses had to reconsider the way they operate. CIOs have taken on a huge responsibility to keep the employees as productive as possible verifying that the new digital strategies were effective enough while making sure they feel supported and appreciated. Improving the employee experience is a great way to keep the current ones motivated and attract great talent at all times.

CIOs Roles are Changing Now

These days, CIOs can serve as consultants for the business, and they are responsible for knowing the business at a deeper level than any other role. Because they lead the technology end of the business, they need to recognize and understand the opportunities out there that differentiate your business from the competition. They also have a great vision to identify the unique opportunities in the market that will help your business shine amongst competitors. Lastly, they can certainly help prioritize initiatives and business processes that can help the company become more responsive and agile.

Last, but not least, here comes a key point. CIOs are leveraging and promoting artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to help improve the customer experience and business operations. A great example of using intelligence is to help identify patterns within the company such as escalating the quality of using the internal channels and working remotely using these internal channels. Moreover, these automation capabilities can be used as self-learning tools to create the necessary automation to solve operational issues before they become bigger problems.

Overall, we can clearly say that the CIOs are great assets for business and they’re going to continue to be from now on. They have a significant role and a great capability to take the lead in driving value for the business in the future.

What do you guys think?

Do you have a CIO or plan on hiring one?

We’re looking fwd to hearing your thoughts on this significant role.


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