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Social Media Marketing for 2023 - “What Facebook is Going for in 2023”

It’s so unbelievable that we only have another month and a half left to jump into 2023 and it went by so quickly for all of us as individuals, businesses, and industries. Just quickly looking over what happened in 2022… -Meta has been declining all year and it still is in the same stage. -TikTok has been ‘the video marketing platform’, especially for GenZ and yes, it still protects its spot. -Twitter is just another story…It’s in chaos after going back and forth with Elon Musk’s takeover deal. After finally him taking over, it just started getting worse because now people are fleeing the app.

It used to be easier to forecast budgets, industrial trends, and what’s going to happen next, but with all the global economic downturn and its effects, things change really dynamically and if you want to succeed as a business, you have to be agile to adapt to the situation. At this point, as we’ve been doing our research, it all seems really hard to make solid predictions, but we’re going to try our best to at least give you an idea of how different social media platforms will evolve in 2023.

We decided to start with Facebook. Here are our thoughts on what Facebook is going for in 2023.

The AI effect will continue, letting you see more content from accounts that you don’t follow as ‘recommendations’ in your FB feed. TikTok has been doing this and since the platform has become extremely popular, all social platforms are trying to copy what TikTok has been strategizing. TikTok basically shows the best-performing content rather than trying to have you build your own social graph. This helps TikTok to increase user engagement because your feed won’t be limited to only certain updates and also expose more potential creators to be seen and recognized by a wider range of audience. Facebook is at an advantage in that area because the platform’s users aren’t just limited to seeing shirt video content, but can also see images, text links, news updates, and longer videos so it’s a wide range of content to be exposed to. For branding purposes, this means an expanded opportunity as the FB algorithm will show your best-performing content to more people from different types of audiences. A part of Facebook’s strategy was to move away from promotional external links due to wanting visitors to stay on Facebook; the same thought process when you want to increase your website’s dwell time. This would also help increase brand awareness for brands.

Family and friends' posts have always been a priority for Facebook and the company always looks to find another way to highlight family and friends' posts in other ways. This is simply considered FB’s strong arm and it has been and continues to provide a better utility among competitors. Other apps can’t really compete on that end, but because people find other apps more entertaining, they tend to post less on Facebook. As it’s been researched, Meta claims that people tend to send engaging content through DMs rather than the feed, and this is more likely because of other engaging apps, people aren’t as interested in using FB anymore.

Furthermore, Facebook was in favor of using avatars because with Meta, they have been encouraging people to get used to the idea of the metaverse. The best way to do that was to integrate digital avatars into the app more so that they can keep people engaged through digital characters of users' own creations.

Lastly, augmented reality experiences are going to get heavily promoted. More people are getting used to using or being present on the metaverse so, Meta’s main goal was to boost awareness for their AR glasses, which provides new functionalities and experiences. These glasses are in development at the moment, and it seems like they’re going to be fully released by 2024. They can even get in a deal with RayBan and if they get positive reviews from the testing period, they may get in the market earlier than expected. This might be a big boost for FB’s metaverse plans and again, if it fully succeeds, Meta can push its AR tools for Instagram as well.

That concludes our research and forecast for what Facebook is going to focus on in 2023. Even though they laid off 11,000 employees yesterday and are doing badly at the moment, it seems like they’re looking optimistic for 2023. #facebook #meta #metaverse #augmentedreality #digitalavatars #feed #socialmedia #socialmediaplatform #videocontent #digitalworld #digitalmarketingagency #creativeagency #socialmedia2023 #pinkocreative #pinkostudiotr

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