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SEO or Paid Ads? The answer is NO to Either, But a 80%-20% YES to BOTH

We all know #seo is extremely important by now and we need to create a high volume of quality #content to get the expected #roi, but on the other hand, especially for #smallbusinesses to get the #brandrecognition that they have been expecting, they have to take advantage of #paidads. We always recommend not to solely rely on #googleads to build a #brandname, but these ads certainly can come in handy especially to get your company’s name out there at the very early stages.

Paid ads are also a great opportunity to get sales #qualifiedleads, but they have to be smartly strategized. They certainly need to be positioned in a way, where it can go accordingly with #ctr, and thus, affect #conversionrate in a positive way. In these tight economy days, regardless of the size and industry, companies are cutting down #marketing #budgets and this pushes professionals to direct themselves more to the #searchengineoptimization side.

That said, being a #digitalmarketing #professional, I recommend all my #clients and #businesspartners to apply the 80% to 20% rule; meaning 80% seo and 20% paid ads. This works wonders for many companies in terms of time and efforts invested.

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