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Problem Solving Skills Are Extremely Valuable, But Do We Want “Logic” or “Intuition”?

Regardless of the size of the company, problems might arise at any time about any business process and establishments most definitely depend on the upper management to solve these issues.

Some of these issues require either logic, creativity or in most cases the combination of both. #Creativeproblemsolving is something that derives from “intuition”, so it comes to you naturally. On the contrary, ‘#analyticalproblemsolving’ is something that you can practice and learn later besides having it in you naturally. Since, it depends on analyzing data, and tend to solve more complex problems, you can get better at it with experience.

People, who have the ability to combine both sides, are extremely valuable because they can both think in an extraordinary way and read data to make complex decisions simpler. They can #adapt to #change easier and don’t resist moving out of their #comfortzones. People with both of these traits are better #communicators due to being able to be highly empathetic and think and assess the situation before they speak. This way, they can ease their way into solving any #complexproblem.

Regardless if you’re a #businessowner or an #employee, make sure you’re practicing both traits to adapt yourself into any environment or be able to solve any complex or simple problem.

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