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Omnichannel Marketing is a Popular Concept, but how do Brands Benefit from it?

I’m sure all of you hear about the phrase omnichannel marketing quite often and how business can benefit from embedding this strategy into their marketing. Let’s start with defining what it means first and move onto how businesses can use it to their benefit. Omnichannel is the integration of various channels a business uses to interact with its clients. It’s called omnichannel because it includes physical locations (a store) and digital channels such as social media, websites, apps and blogs. We can see in a variety of researches that nearly 83% of customers choose convenience over everything so businesses try to combine physical presence and digital presence to be more appealing to their customers.

Omnichannel retail and marketing aim to maximize a product or service's reach while making purchases more convenient because a over 80% of people choose buying online with a home delivery service and that’s a huge profit opportunity.

Here are some of the benefits of omnichannel marketing;

1. Enhanced Personalization: Customized omnichannel marketing tailors the buying journey, making it intuitive for each shopper. The result is; improved brand perception, increased engagement, higher spends and retention. 2. Better Brand Recognition: Cross-channel consistency by having the same logo, fonts, color scheme, tone and messaging across all channels helps you strengthen your brand by improving recall.

3. Improved Attribution Data: You learn where customers prefer to engage and see which marketing campaigns add the most value. This can further refine future strategies and set sales forecasts.

Stay tuned for Vol 2. coming this weekend. Cheers!

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