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Most Asked Question of All Time: Hire an Agency or Keep it in the House?

A lot of you have been at some point stuck in between making this choice in one of the companies that you’re working at. Let’s be honest; without marketing your business would be nowhere and especially in the digital era, in which everything is becoming ‘global’, you need to be really good at digital marketing to create your brand recognition.

As a business, you have your digital marketing strategy ready, but you’re not sure how to execute it. In this case, you have two options. You either hire an agency or you do it yourself - in-house. Both of these options have pros and cons and we’re about to discuss them here with you. At the end of the day, whatever decision you make should bring you close to your end goal, which is either building brand awareness, getting brand recognition, or increasing revenue with loyal customers.

Let’s talk about the common challenges that companies are facing, to begin with.

1. They can hardly find qualified experts to work in-house because a high percentage of employees prefer to work from home or as a freelancer, so the industry is basically pushing you toward the outsourcing trend.

2. They also struggle with allocating enough time and resources to handle marketing activities meaning there is so much to do and one person can only wear so many different hats.

3. Some companies prefer to work on a project basis and if those projects have a lot of different subsections, then they would need to hire quite a few people to handle each of these projects.

That said, we can talk pros of hiring an agency for your business needs.

Cost and expertise effectiveness:

For most small businesses, it’s hard to hire a digital marketing agency or consultants because of high costs and not having enough manpower to delegate tasks or communicate. You begin with a small in-house team and when it’s time to get a stronger presence, you start working with digital marketing agency experts, who are already experienced and highly qualified to handle your brand’s responsibilities. Your main benefit here is that these people already worked on similar projects, so you don’t need to tell them how to go about the tasks you’re delegating.

Stay on top of fresh trends and ideas: Businesses need to stay fresh and active to reach out to their audiences and thus they need to create and publish organic content on a regular basis for their social media, websites, blogs, etc. This can be immensely time and effort-consuming. Agencies will gladly do all that for you by creating new and up-to-date ideas and save you a ton of time and effort that you can allocate to strategy and execution.

Measurable Insights: No business wants to invest in something that is not guaranteed to bring in a positive ROI. There are so many different marketing methods out in the digital marketing world that it’s hard to determine which one is going to work best for your business. Agencies know exactly which KPIs will work best for your business type, area, and industry that you’re operating in. If you’re working with an agency, you will get the exact metrics to measure results for each channel you’re active on. Furthermore, they will provide you with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports and even have key comparisons with your competitors in the industry. You will clearly know what keywords, content, and channels are working best or need improvement.

Handling all PR activities with the right storytelling: Your in-house marketing team works to promote your products knowing what to improve and what to eliminate in terms of making your brand as attractive as possible. On the other hand, your digital marketing agency can define and spread your brand’s message across different channels. They can certainly generate professional PR campaigns about your products and services. This contributes to spreading brand awareness and recognition. How about some cons of hiring an agency? More clients and different priorities: Your agency clearly has a lot of clients to focus on while you’re only focusing on your own brand and some of these clients’ products or services might need more attention or a quick turnaround with project deadlines than yours so sometimes they would need to prioritize them before your brand. However, a professional agency will always set professional goals and deadlines that they can bare so that they know how to balance out their time for each client. Micromanaging and agencies don’t get along: If you have a micromanaging management style, you might have a hard time working with an agency as you don’t have control over the tasks and timing that they’re setting for themselves. You can’t control how they define, contribute or manage the project details at all times or if you need a quick turnaround. They have their set pace, the way they do business, and also set deadlines that they reserve for each project, so it wouldn’t be ideal to interfere with the way they do business.

That concludes our opinion on why hire or not to hire an agency. As @pinkocreative, we hope you find our article insightful and let us know if you need to know more about our services as a 360 digital marketing and creative agency. We will be more than happy to walk you through how we can help your brand grow and thrive.


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