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Let’s Talk About Logo Design…How Do you Choose the “Ideal” Color?

When a brand is getting established, everything starts out with an idea, which then turns into an action. Even if the parent company(ies), are also born under the main idea and the same vision so it’s crucial for a brand to have a brand identity, a brand voice, and positioning within the market it's operating in. Before anything, there comes the company name and the entire branding goes along that name.

So, how should we decide on the logo design, color, and story?

It’s important to have a professional designer create your brand’s logo according to your specific wants regarding your company’s positioning, storyline, and branding. Your logo should reflect your company’s founding purpose, mission, and vision in some way and it should be uniquely designed for brand recognition.

How does your company’s logo work in terms of conveying your brand’s message?

Every industry has a stance that needs to be recognized and reflected such as corporate, communications, sales, marketing, art, etc. Different companies use different colors to reflect these mentioned business areas. A good example to take into consideration would be corporate companies. They usually have a concrete, formal and serious tone so they tend to choose gray or dark blue tones.

You can simply look at a logo and decide if you trust this brand to make a purchase or not. A good example would be the color of a cosmetic company. When the logo is designed in red instead of blue, according to the research, 80% of people stated that the company is considered a food company and perhaps selective perception comes into play here.

This is just a small portion of what you need to do for your company, but there are so many other factors that count in while designing your brand. It’s a long-term investment and should definitely require 100% dedication.

As @pinkocreative, we’re here to guide you to build your brand and brand identity. Let us remind you that #branding and #brandidentity is 2 different concepts :) so don’t get them confused.

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