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Lead Generation is at the Heart of Both Sales and Marketing, but What Exactly do we Mean?

Everyone talks about lead generation, how important it is to capture as many leads as possible, then convert them into a recurring revenue stream, but what exactly is “online lead generation”? We can define a “ lead” as an individual or a company that is interested in your products or services and we can name the process of building a consumer interest in your product or services on the internet as “lead generation”.

There are 2 different types of lead generation models; inbound and outbound.

Inbound Lead Generation Any potential customer, who is attracted to purchase your products or services by your marketing activities is an inbound lead. These potentials may be created by -Filling out an inquiry form after reading content on your website -Downloading an e-book -Requesting a demo after watching a webinar or other related video content -Filling out a survey

Outbound Lead Generation You may capture any potentials by sending messages to your target audience, whether they have expressed interest or not. This is called “outbound lead generation” and is used to create a need for your brand’s products and services. There are a few tactics to use such as cold calling, cold emailing, direct advertising, and social media marketing and advertising. Now that we talked about #inboundleadgeneration and #outboundleadgeneration, we want to hear your activities. Have you done any #leadgeneration? What are some tactics you have used to capture your potential customers?

Visual Credit: @RODNAE Productions

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