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Is Instagram a Copycat now? Instagram vs. Tiktok

You probably have been hearing about Instagram trying to be more like Tiktok, well actually copy the short video mindset of the platform. If you’re an active Instagram user, I’m pretty sure you realized how terrible the feed algorithm got lately and all you see is weird suggested reels and accounts that you might have no interest in.

Let’s look more closely how Instagram and Tiktok differ; 1. Instagram has more active users 2. Instagram has been downloaded more than TikTok since the launch date

3. People tend to spend more time on TikTok than on Instagram 4. TikTok is more popular across the United States than Instagram.

5. Gen Z are more fond of TikTok than Instagram.

Considering these differences, Meta;Facebook and Instagram’s parent company must have recognized the competition and the young population interest in Tiktok short videos that it is trying to copy Tiktok’s mindset or features. I mean, if I were Meta, I would not try to copy it directly or mess up the feed completely to have people backlash, but at least put a tweak on the copying process.

Despite the users’ backlash, it’s so interesting that the company is not backing down at all. Instagram argues that video marketing is the future - yes, we know that too - but, if users are not happy with it, what’s the point of pushing an algorithm that’s not going to satisfy users (your customers)? Apparently, the company is trying to test and see how the new feed algorithm works, while users stop uploading content to their feed because these posts are somehow lost in between useless reel and sponsored account suggestions.

We still believe it’s too early to say something concrete, but engagement is deeply cared for in the social media world, so the only way that the company will back down, if users stop engaging and obviously if the duration times drastically decrease. Other than that, if minor improvements are made towards bettering user experience, and if users are adapting to it, sorry to say that, but this new algorithm is probably here to stay.

Let’s all stay in the loop to hear more about what Instagram is going to.

In the meantime, we would love to hear what you all think about this #Instagram vs. #Tiktok copying - algorithm change - if you will.


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