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Is AI-Generated Art Considered Real Art or Not?

Is AI-Generated Art Considered Real Art or Not?

This has been one of the hottest debates in the tech world today. Some people think it’s real art because it has inputs and outputs and obviously, it takes time and effort, on the contrary, some believe that it lacks the emotion that ‘real art’ has and conveys to viewers.

AI-generated art uses machine learning techniques to create images and it somehow lets people believe that it has no meaning or emotion behind it, so it’s not real. I’m a digital marketer and my co-founder is a graphic designer, and we both believe that AI-generated art is a real art. Even though you don’t use the classic canvas, paints, etc. you still follow certain guidelines, certain rules, and a certain amount of creativity.

Let’s get you into some more details.

People who are concerned about AI art should not be considered real have a restricted definition of art in mind, though the common belief is to not restrict the definition with strict wording. Something doesn’t need to be in a physical form to be considered art so we should all be flexible in the process of rethinking the definition of art. The key point here is the message that the artist wants to give out and how the public takes it and puts meaning into it. The end decision is always made by the community. They’re the ones to decide if that specific piece of art ignites certain feelings in them.

In AI-generated art, people usually get the feeling of a computerized system is making all the decisions instead of the artist. This idea is true up to a certain point regarding some algorithm making all the moves, but those moves and decisions are actually planned by the artist, then communicated to the computer, and processed by the algorithm.

At the end of the day, there is input from someone, which is calculated according to the possible outcomes through the machine learning algorithm.

To sum it up, in the digital world we live in today, where almost everything is computerized, we can say that AI-generated art is here to stay. We even know that some artificial intelligence-made art even won a prize, so I feel like we should get used to seeing more of these around.

I think this whole situation is very similar to the concept of traditional vs. digital marketing. Traditional marketers find it hard to adapt to the digital world and the whole idea of digitization. The world is completely evolving towards digitization so digital marketing, digital art, AI-generated art, metaverse, and everything else in between are here to stay. In this case, traditional artists should also expand their horizons and be flexible on what they consider art, and be a little more open-minded about the younger generation and their artistic abilities.


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