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Human Touch is Always in the Loop for All Decisions No Matter What

#digitaltransformation is becoming a great #asset for companies from all industries and for #companies of all sizes.

With digital transformation, comes automating processes and decisions in #strategy, #tactics, and #expertise.

The critical point here is that, even though in most cases, #processes are #automated, there is always a #humanmind behind all the #automation decisions. All daily, weekly, monthly, etc. #routine and #familiar processes are good to automate, on the other hand though, #decisions that are highly valued to #stakeholders need to always be elaborated with a #humantouch before taking any action.

It’s easier to #mockup scenarios through #businessintelligence for operational and expert decisions, but it gets harder when strategy and tactics come into play. #dynamics can change so quickly especially in the startup world that intelligence tools might not be able to respond as quickly to bring #ROI on the table and that’s when the human mind takes on the stage. All in all, it all comes down to having a human interference or #humanmindset when making decisions, even though all technology is put to use.

What do you think? Check out @venturebeat and the article “Where organizations are automating decisions” for a detailed perspective.

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