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How will Twitter Welcome 2023?

Here come the most chaotic, but exciting platform’s predictions :) We’re so excited to tell you about Twitter forecasting because it’s so hectic and unpredictable at the moment, but let’s see what we will come up with.

With Elon Musk taking over the social media platform, there were so many changes including some unfortunate layoffs. It’s really hard to predict what’s next with the Tesla CEO in charge, but we will all have to follow and see to get our answers.

He already laid out some future plans, but they don’t really consist of any certain information. Furthermore, he has plans to replace the management and engineering teams, maybe trying to bring in his own team. Anything is possible at this point.

Elon Musk talked about using subscriptions to boost Twitter’s revenue for a while now, also getting rid of bots at the same time. It seems like he’s mostly interested in charging businesses a monthly subscription fee to use the app in exchange for more detailed analytics and insights. Moreover, he mentioned charging users a small amount of fee to tweet, but he then backed away from it and switched to charging users 8 USD/month for verified ticks.

He has also been pretty serious about removing the bot accounts so he has been trying to find a way to authenticate all real human accounts. Facebook has applied the same process with a gray tick before to make sure that the business accounts were not bots, and are owned by real people. Musk is trying to confirm and increase the number of real people in the app eliminating bots.

Let’s talk about some algorithm variables.

Twitter will offer users to have the option to choose which algorithmic elements influence their feeds, so they will have the experience to manage their own account feed. It might be hard to have people actually choose and implement the algorithmic elements because they are more interested in just wanting to log in and looking at the latest news.

In addition, Musk can make use of Twitter’s network effects to bring the payment systems to a new level by providing improved transfer services to more users, who can’t have access to banks at that exact moment. Twitter is expected to push the payment systems more to establish a backbone for that.

Our last point is the longer tweets. Twitter is in the process of trying to integrate longer tweet options so that people can share different types and more tweets. Longer videos are considered along with longer tweet options. That concludes our content about what we think Twitter will possibly integrate in 2023. Nothing is certain of course, but from a ballpark point of view, these points are more likely to be integrated.


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