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How Will Organic Search be Affected by the Economic Trends in 2023?

Here are the most concerning questions of today’s post-pandemic economy... Should businesses invest in digital marketing? Can they afford digital marketing services during an economic downturn? During an economic crisis, businesses tend to cut costs and adjust their budgets, especially for their digital marketing efforts because they believe they can sell without marketing. We understand that the monetary resources are scarce at this point, but without marketing, there are really no sales :) and we’re not just saying this just because we’re a marketing agency, but it’s a proven fact.

How about implementing some recession-proof digital marketing strategies that can generate sales and revenue?

It’d be great to apply all digital marketing pillars even during the recession, but unfortunately, if you had to pick one, it makes sense to use SEO strategies. Search engine optimization is an efficient, affordable, and concrete approach that will give you the results you need in the long run. It will definitely help you understand and analyze customer behavior and what they want and how much they want to spend on products. PPC advertising can be one of the pillars to apply, but it just might be a little too costly for smbs and startups. SEO is certainly a great way to decrease the paid channel dependency for your business. Especially during the pandemic, everyone was online either searching or looking to purchase products, so the competition got really cutthroat. With increased competition and privacy restrictions, businesses relied more on paid ads in response to all the pressure from competitors. This is not a reliable strategy at the end of the day with all the high costs, so marketers turned to new opportunities for more organic growth.

So, here is factual proof that organic search tops paid search ads. Google’s organic search results CTR has an average of 27.6% while paid search ads average only around 3.17%.

If you don’t leverage your SEO efforts during the economic crisis, your reluctant buyers won’t spend the money to purchase from your brand. Make sure, you’re ensuring your customers with some strong UX designs; for example by adding a CTA button to have your potential customers purchase from you.

Furthermore, with SEO businesses can track performance results easily. They can use organic traffic metrics, numbers, and keywords to analyze their SEO efforts’ performance. In short, companies can see if people are purchasing from them accordingly with the SEO efforts, especially during down times.

Lastly, SEO is flexible. With the right SEO strategy, businesses can target both local and international customers. For example, they can use the power of long-tail keywords and let the closest customers (location-wise) find them with location-specific SEO.

That said, we believe that SEO efforts should not be looked upon even recession because businesses can pick the looms of labor in the future. The best bet is to adjust the budgets and continue with the most appropriate organic growth methods to reach out to as many potential customers as they can.


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