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How Will LinkedIn improve its B2B Networking Platform in 2023

Since Twitter’s takeover by Musk and the serious chaos he caused, people tend to use LinkedIn a lot more for professional networking, sales, marketing, lead generation, etc., therefore the user number significantly increased.

Throughout 2022, LinkedIn continued reporting increasing user numbers. I believe it’s due to the platform letting members share both professional and nonprofessional posts, so the platform would be more user-friendly. Sometimes, it gets boring for even the most work-related people to see strictly nothing but professional updates. It’s good to be casual once in a while to get away from that “work” environment and be a little more empathetic.

Within 2023, LinkedIn’s presence will get stronger with improved analytics, statistics, and an increased number of users, and additionally might offer more learning courses.

Improved Data Insights to Guide People who are Looking to Get Employed The same trend will more likely continue in 2023 and maybe even offer better analytics for job seekers to find the best-suited job on the platform. Furthermore, LinkedIn Learning will also be improved to offer users the exact skills to get their dream job.

With all the information, you have entered into the platform, LinkedIn can show your entire career starting with your schools, and your professional experienced, and even include certifications. Combining your professional experience with your skills and interests with recruiters’ requirements will help you match the most suitable roles within the platform. It also works the other way around, in which the recruiters can find your profile according to the keywords, and the information that they have entered to search for the perfect candidate.

LinkedIn’s Improved Video Connection Features LinkedIn is expected to have more advanced video tools, added to its Event features. A zoom video meeting option along with live streams might be included to connect people who are looking for jobs and employers, who are interested in hiring.

To increase professional engagement, adding more video tools for virtual meetups and live streams can increase the engagement rate and turn the platform into a more connected and critical business tool for both employers and potential job seekers.

Audio is Getting More Significant Due to People’s Limited Times

Why not host professional audio events on LinkedIn? People love podcasts and definitely love listening to them on their way to work, in the car, or anywhere possible. We know that LinkedIn has been working on building some audio rooms last year and going into 2023, the platform will ramp up its efforts to even advance them to be more accessible to more users.

We may also expect to see group audio rooms that are dedicated to each group on the platform going into 2023.

Let’s see what you guys think will be the biggest advancement for LinkedIn going into 2023! Look fwd to hearing your thoughts :)


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