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How Well Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Determining your target audience is one of the key components of your social media strategy, well it’s actually a key component for marketing, branding and digital marketing; we all know it too well.

In order to succeed, you need to create buyer personas for your brand and to figure those out efficiently, you have to filter out the users on social media. There is a vast number of people on each social platform that you’re targeting and it wouldn’t be an effective growth if you target vague groups of users.

So, here are some components that you can consider to filter those users out and narrow them down to create the needed buyer personas.

Age, Gender, Occupation, Location, Interest and User Behavior…

Once you define your audience clearly, you want to consider choosing which social platforms you want to actively use to generate leads and sales and/or brand awareness. As you know, each platform has its own unique demographics and algorithm, so make sure you’re targeting the right platform for the audience you want to focus on and build. To find your target audience you can always search through relevant online communities like Facebook groups, subreddits, medium, etc.

Have you defined your brand’s target audience and buyer personas yet?

Let us know what techniques you have used or what you have done differently in the comments. We’re always excited to hear from you.


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