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How to Turn Your LinkedIn into a Priority B2B Social Media Marketing Platform

LinkedIn is one of the biggest B2B networking social media platforms globally, actually, it would be safe to say it’s the most used and widely spread B2B network. We know that Facebook still has the largest number of users, but LinkedIn always seems to dominate the B2B world interactions.

Today, LinkedIn has over 600 million users and around 300 million of them are active monthly members with 40% of those visiting the site on a daily basis. Additional statistics show that nearly 90 million senior-level members and 65 million decision-makers use LinkedIn regularly. Most importantly, 97% of B2B marketing officials use the platform as a content distribution channel and it’s nearly close to 100%, so there lies a huge opportunity for businesses to network and use LinkedIn to create more business. In short, if you’re looking to build your B2B network, it’s very important for your business to have a presence on LinkedIn and use it as your main source of social media.

That said, here are some tips for you to turn your LinkedIn account into a “priority” B2B social media marketing platform.

1. You need to define your LinkedIn marketing goals

You need to build your LinkedIn strategy just as any other social media channel. Begin with defining your goals for each campaign and make sure they are achievable, precise, and measurable.

Ask yourself these questions before your come up with your LinkedIn goals.

-Are you trying to increase brand awareness?

-Are you trying to increase the number of leads?

-Are you trying to build and engage with your target audience on a deeper level?

-Are you directly selling your product or service?

2. Know your target audience well

Defining and knowing your target audience is vital for your business to succeed because you need to identify what these people are looking for and how you can address their problems with your products and services. You need to know exactly what their essential characteristics are and what drives them to purchase from your brand.

3. Create relatable and quality content for your target audience

Creating high-quality content helps you promote your brand and raise awareness throughout your target audience on any platform. LinkedIn’s algorithm works a little differently favoring the material that is published on the platform, rather than promoting links offsite.

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to create blog posts within the platform so make sure to use it if you want to build your brand recognition rather than referencing or directing to other links. Besides creating your own content, you can always share other people’s content that you think would be useful for your target audience.

4. Use LinkedIn groups actively

Some people say LinkedIn groups are useless, but from personal experience, there are some groups that really help you network and create quality leads that would turn into long-term customers or business partners. Make sure you’re choosing the appropriate groups to join and try to participate in relevant conversations. You can even promote your own content that other professionals and your audience can relate to.

5. Measure your analytics on a regularly

Checking your analytics and creating reports regularly should be a part of any business, any department, or any team. You should always base your decisions on analytics rather than your gut feeling because, with numbers, you’re basically eliminating the risk to make a mistake when trying to make a crucial business decision. Make sure you check your Analytics part on your company page once a month to make sure everything is on track or if you need to make a change.

That covers our top 5 secrets of turning your LinkedIn account into a superstar ‘B2B Magnet’.

Obviously, dynamics are not the same for every industry, every company, or for every product and service, but the basics never change. There are more ways to bring your brand to the spotlight, but we would have you concentrate on these basics to shine your LinkedIn, rather than getting lost in small useless details.

Feel free to contact Pinko Creative to build your LinkedIn account together with your other social media accounts and strategies.


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