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How to Clarify your Social Media Goals and Metrics

To have a successful and long-term social media strategy, you need to set realistic goals, valid metrics, and KPIs that go accordingly with your company’s growth strategy.

Here is how you set up and update goals for your team.

Specify: Be as exact as possible, and think about the reason for the goal (there is always room for a 5% error margin). For example, growing organic traffic is important to you so you focus on creating original, high-quality content, so you can drive more leads, thus increasing revenue.

Measurable: Make sure to choose goals with results that you can quantify. For example, decide on the number of clicks or the cost per action (CPA) you want to reach.

Achievable: Focus on goals that are realistic that goes hand in hand with your company’s growth initiatives, given your time frame and budget. For example, increasing generated leads by 20% in three months may be realistic, if forecasting from past results.

Relevant: Pick social media goals that align with your company’s business goals. A good example would be improving lead generation through organic social growth complements increasing the annual recurring revenue.

Timely: Set a deadline for your goals so you can assign resources accordingly and plan effectively. For example, you may set monthly and quarterly goals and try to keep up with them in any given situation.

Confirming the metrics that align with each goal comes next. For a lead generation-related goal, you may want to track the number of leads, clicks, and reach. That means you don’t necessarily need to focus on metrics like comments and followers.

In addition, use past social media performance to identify benchmarks and use them to confirm KPIs for each month, or quarter.

Do you guys have set social media goals and metrics for your strategy yet? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re not sure how, @pinkocreative, we’re always here to guide you in the right direction.


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